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Mother's Day

Join us on May 11th & 12th for a Mother's Day Celebration event
that combines wine, history, and live music in a day filled with appreciation for all mothers.


Oldest Wine Cellars

Excavated by hand in the late 19th Century, the dimly lit cellars house over 200 oak barrels.



Brotherhood has the flexibility to offer a number of venues on our property for staging your special day.


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“The purity of our wines was our pride and first consideration.”

– Charles Jaques, 1839-1886

Mother’s Day Celebration

Mimosas, Melodies, and Memories

Join us on May 11th & 12th for an exclusive Mother’s Day Celebration event that combines wine, history, and live music in a day filled with sweetness and appreciation for all mothers.

Your experience begins with a 45-minute guided tour of the cellars and grounds, offering insights into our winemaking heritage.  After the tour, unwind in our Wine Garden with a tasting of three unique mimosas paired with macaroons and chocolate-covered strawberries, all enjoyed to the live tunes of Marc Von Em. Capture the day’s memories with a group portrait in our photo booth, and conclude your visit by taking home a complimentary bottle of our Sparkling Rosé.

Tour & Tasting: $39.99 + tax per person

Tasting Only: $29.99 + tax per person


Journey back to where wine-making is still an art.

America’s Oldest Winery is only about an hours drive from New York City.

New York Premium Selection


The Story of Brotherhood

America's Oldest Winery Est. 1839
by Robert Bedford

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